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Everything You Need To Know About Tinctures (& Then Some)

Your tincture questions answered. The who, what, when, why, and more. 🌿

Everything You Need To Know About Tinctures (& Then Some)

How much? How often? Am I doing this right? In a world where health advice often comes in prescriptive, one-size-fits-all packages, the practice of herbalism opens a door to a more intuitive and personal approach to your wellbeing. At Wooden Spoon Herbs, we understand the journey into herbal supplements can be laden with questions—especially when it comes to tinctures. 

Tinctures 101

Tinctures are potent, concentrated extracts that embody the essence of herbal therapy. They require a conscious engagement—an ongoing conversation between you and the plants. This mindful practice is at the heart of herbal supplementation, encouraging a deeper awareness of the body's needs and reactions.

How to Take Tinctures: Your Way

Whether you prefer your tinctures neat, diluted in water, or as a sparkling addition to your favorite mocktail, the goal is consistent consumption. Remember, there's no wrong way to take a tincture, as long as it's the way that works for you.

On the Topic of Alcohol in Tinctures

The alcohol in herbal tinctures isn't there to inebriate; it's a means to extract the therapeutic properties of the herbs. And if alcohol isn't for you, glycerin-based tinctures offer a sweet, alcohol-free alternative.

Longevity and Storage: Keeping Your Tinctures Potent

Tinctures are long-lived remedies, with a shelf life of up to 3-5 years when stored correctly. No need for refrigeration—just a cool, dark place like a kitchen cupboard to maintain their vitality.

Tincture Bases: Alcohol vs. Glycerin

Our choice of cane alcohol and flax-derived vegetable glycerin as tincture bases is intentional, ensuring that we cater to different preferences and needs without compromising on the potency and integrity of the herbal extracts.

The Suggested Dose: A Starting Point, Not a Rule

Every body is unique, and so is every response to herbal remedies. We provide suggested dosages based on rigorous clinical studies, which are there to guide you, not dictate your experience. These recommendations are a starting line for you to pace your own herbal journey.

Understanding Your Constitution

Just as some of us may be sensitive to caffeine or robust in the face of a spicy meal, our bodies' responses to herbs are equally individual. A sensitive constitution may call for a gentler introduction to a new formula, while a more robust system might align with the suggested dose, or even a bit more. The key is to start a dialogue with your body and listen attentively to its responses.

Less Is More: Finding Your Smallest Effective Dose

Echoing the wisdom of eclectic physician John M. Scudder, we believe in finding the smallest quantity of medicine that will produce the desired result. This is not merely a nod to economy or sustainability but a commitment to harmony and balance within your body’s ecosystem.

The Versatility of Taking Tinctures

Herbal tinctures are not a one-method-fits-all remedy. Their administration can be as varied as the plants themselves. Whether it's a few drops directly under the tongue or a day's worth mixed into a quart of tea, the mode of taking your tincture should feel as comfortable and natural as the remedy itself.

Your Perfect Dose Is Waiting

Embrace the flexibility and joy in herbal tinctures. It's not just about adhering to guidelines; it's about living an engaged, attentive life where herbal remedies support your journey towards balance and wellness. So, here's to finding your rhythm with the plants—and tinctures.

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