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The 6 Best Holiday Gift Pairings

Herbs for the holidays.

The 6 Best Holiday Gift Pairings

The holiday season is upon us. To make things a little easier this year, we put together a list of our favorite gifts: herbalist-approved, not too expensive, and fun.  We went with the theme of care this season and chose gifts that help us tend to each other and remind us to take a moment to ourselves this holiday season. These gifts are great for people you love, including yourself.

Some of our favorite brands are featured in this gift guide, ranging from Omo’s rustic ceramics to Facetory’s facemaks. Each featured gift is paired with one of our products to create a thoughtful, intentional gift. 

For the sister who loves sweater weather

Herbal Coffee and Omo Peace Sign Mug

There’s nothing less cozy than feeling jittery and anxious in the morning. Herbal Coffee is caffeine-free and delivers extra chill vibes when sipped from a Peace Sign Mug by Omo. 

For the friend who never wears neutrals

Light Ray + Pajama Set

More flowers inside and out to brighten their skin with Light Ray and turn up their jammy game with Ban.dō’s Short Sleeve Flower Power Leisure Top + Flower Power Leisure Pants.

For the Auntie who gets around

Fire Cider and CAP Beauty Pink Mountain Salt

Introduce them to Fire Cider: the perfect travel companion for instant marinades, salad dressings, and warming savory spritzes. Plus CAP Beauty Pink Mountain Salt to refill their travel salt tin.

For the brother who gets winter blues

Rose-Colored Glasses and Everyday Oil

Shift their outlook with the gift of Rose-Colored Glasses and help them find a little glow with Everyday Oil. Goes great with a hug ;)


For the host, but also for you

Anxiety Ally + Facetory Gift Set

Anxiety Ally plus Facetory's 7 Days of Masking Gift Set is your answer to “What are you doing for the holidays?”

For your niece who’s studying abroad this spring

Adaptogen Balance + The Possibilities are Endless Planner

Managing your own schedule with The Possibilities are Endless Planner and managing your stress with Adaptogen Balance are two pillars of adulthood.


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