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7 Juicy Herbs for Winter Hydration

During winter, maintaining hydration is crucial, not just through water intake but also by incorporating hydrating herbs that can help support the body's moisture levels. We put together a list of 7 herbs for extra hydration during cold winter months.

7 Juicy Herbs for Winter Hydration
We put together a little list of our favorite hydrating plants for you during cold winter months. All of these plants are calming, taking your hydration to the next level in a way that water alone just can’t. There’s nothing wrong with water - we love it - but medicinal herbs kick it up a notch. Many of these herbs are demulcent, which is a fancy, herbalist way of saying they have slimy-gooey plant properties that coat and soothe soft tissues in the body. This nourishing plant goo delivers deep hydration.

The best way to activate these powerfully hydrating plant properties is with a cold infusion. Steep the plant material in tepid water and leave overnight in the fridge. In the morning, plunge (or strain) and pour. Don’t forget to compost the plant material! You can sweeten your cooling brew with maple or simple syrup. Or keep it simple and sip over ice without the sweet.

And for the food herbs, our favorite way to eat them is right off the tree.


Marshmallow Root: Your Winter Skin's Best Friend

In the heart of winter, when the air turns crisp and your skin craves extra care, there's an unsung hero waiting to be discovered: Marshmallow Root. Forget the sweet confectionery; we're talking about a botanical treasure trove of hydration. This herb's secret weapon, mucilage, weaves a protective layer of moisture, much like a loving embrace for your skin and internal tissues. Sip on a warm cup of Marshmallow Root tea, and let its soothing touch calm your winter-worn soul.

Hibiscus Flower: A Splash of Tropical Warmth in Winter

Let Hibiscus paint your winter blues with rosy, tropical hues. Each petal a burst of vitamin C and antioxidants, Hibiscus tea becomes a cup of liquid sunshine, a tropical escape in the heart of winter. Savor its vibrant flavors and let it be a reminder that even in winter's grip, life can bloom with warmth and vitality.

Licorice Root: The Sweet Soother

As the winter tales unfold, let's turn the pages to an ancient soother: Licorice Root. This herbal marvel isn't just a candy treat; it's a hydration powerhouse. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, Licorice Root becomes the guardian of your skin's moisture and a silent healer of the digestive tracts. Imagine savoring a cup of Licorice Root tea while watching the snowfall, each sip a sweet testament to winter's serene beauty.

Aloe Vera: Nature's Hydration Gel

In the deserts of winter dryness, Aloe Vera stands as a lush, green oasis. This succulent isn't just for summer sunburns; it's a winter hydration hero. Picture the Aloe Vera's gel, rich and soothing, as it blankets your skin, turning the harsh winter tale into a story of rejuvenation. Whether applied topically or sipped in a juice, let Aloe Vera be your winter wellness companion, a symbol of life thriving amidst the cold.


Feeling frazzled? The holidays can leave you feeling burnt out, from entertaining family to holiday parties. Oatstraw makes the most delicious iced infusion for mocktails, immediately nourishing to the head and heart. Grassy and sweet, you can drink it straight up, right out of the fridge.

Cucumber: The Cool Hydrator

In the quiet, frosty winter mornings, find solace in the crispness of Cucumber. This unassuming garden dweller, with its high water content, whispers secrets of hydration and renewal. Infuse your waters or craft a winter skincare potion with Cucumber's essence, and watch as it transforms the stark winter into a season of dewy freshness and vitality.

Horsetail: The Mineral Magician

Step into the ancient woods of winter wellness with Horsetail. This prehistoric plant, rich in silica, weaves magic into your skin and connective tissues, infusing them with nature's minerals. Imagine a cup of Horsetail tea as your daily ritual, connecting you to the earth's timeless strength, turning each winter day into a moment of mineral-infused mindfulness.

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