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Wooden Spoon Wholesale

We are so honored to share our herbal remedies with the world by partnering with incredible stockists like you.

Born in the Appalachians

All of our products are formulated by founder, clinical herbalist, Lauren Haynes.

1000+ Reviews

We make products people love by bridging traditional herbalism in forms that complement modern life.

Sustainably sourced

Our herbs are sustainably sourced using regenerative farming practices from the earth, for your health.

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Apply to stock Wooden Spoon products and share our down-to-earth herbalism with your customers.


Taken daily, this formula radiates positivity throughout both body and spirit. It quiets mental chatter and radically expands your ability to see the world with love.

Don’t conform to the coffee norm, explore a caffeine-free herbal option that supports the rise and longevity of energy levels that mirrors the sun's pass through a day.

This tonic supports a strong immune system, easeful circulation, and sparks digestion. Buzzing with beneficial nutrients from raw mountain honey and warming botanicals.

We exist to unlock the infinite potential of plant medicine. Our herbalist-formulated remedies harness and nurture the power of our planet. Put on your rose-colored glasses and look at the world through the lens of Wooden Spoon to see the power that surrounds you.


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