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Our Founder

Hey guys! Lauren here.

I started Wooden Spoon Herbs from my passion for medicinal plants. In the midst of learning about wild foods like nettle, dandelion and violet leaf, I started noticing that so many of these hyper-nutritive food sources were also... medicinal? What did that even mean? I dove in head first, clearing the shelves at my local used book store and absorbing this herbal world like a sponge. 

How could I tell more people about these life-changing plants? I set up at my local farmer's market with tiny-batch, seasonal remedies. And people loved them. They told me their lives had fundamentally shifted by incorporating these herbs. And I wasn't using trendy herbs and "superfoods." I was using humble, widely available (and therefore sustainable) "weedy" plants, like nettle, burdock, dandelion, and elderflower. I loved what I was seeing.

After a three-year stretch at the Appalachian Center for Natural Health, studying under fifth-generation herbalist Phyllis D. Light, I started crafting herbal products based on the most common concerns I saw in the marketplace, from my farmer's market stall. It was so fun getting to put my herbalism into practice - the interplay of phytochemistry, plant energetics, traditional knowledge and so much more. And that is what you get with Wooden Spoon Herbs - my herbal knowledge, all bottled up.

Herbalism should be easy, fun and accessible. It's the people's medicine. And at Wooden Spoon, we work to ensure our products are just that. Delicious foundations on which to build your herbal practice, for the well-being of you, and the communal well-being of the Earth.

Thanks for joining me on the plant path!