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WSH x Sophie Wood Brinker: Behind the Magic Collab

Behind our magic collaboration with Natural Science Illustrator, Sophie Wood Brinker.

WSH x Sophie Wood Brinker: Behind the Magic Collab

"Do they have Bitchin' Sauce in Tennesse?"

The crystalline structure of a Magnesium molecule.

A question Sophie asked me while shopping for picnic snacks... 

One of the greatest gifts of doing this work is the continued opportunity to collaborate with people I'm a fan of. I've followed Sophie's work for years... In fact, this collaborative magic is coming to fruition exactly a year after the seed was first planted. Recently, I got to meet Sophie in Point Reyes, California, and on a drive back from the beach cove picnic that solidified our IRL kinship, we were talking about devotion to Nature and plants and how it compels us to make art. That's the ineffable quality that makes Sophie's work sing -- her devotion to and jubilant love for her subjects. It comes through in the texture, in the color work, in the ecosystems she creates on paper, on textiles, and any other medium she works with.

When the Nalgene was still a shirt...

This shirt was my lightbulb of, "Wouldn't it be cool if..." I've always been drawn to collage, and this shirt was layers and layers of all my favorite things - roses, bugs and tie dye. She immediately said yes and we started working on the Magnesium shirt, which morphed into the Magnesium water bottle due to time and logistics and other boring constraints. It was a true delight working with Sophie; her thoughtfulness and creativity inspires me deeply and boundlessly. – Lauren Haynes, WSH Founder



We love bugs.


Launching Tuesday, July 11th and crafted to be your ultimate companion for daily Magic Magnesium intake, this 16 oz Nalgene bottle was designed with your convenience in mind. Whether you're embarking on a thrilling adventure, hitting the gym, or simply navigating through your daily routine, this compact size fits seamlessly in your car cup holder, backpack, or handbag. Stay hydrated and nourish your body with Magic Magnesium, no matter where life takes you.

Queen Sophie! 

Sophie's awe-inspiring artwork takes inspiration from the mesmerizing world of plankton, as seen under a microscope. The intricacy and grace captured in her illustrations will transport you to a realm where nature's wonders unfold in vibrant detail. Each experience with Sophie’s work offers a moment of connection with the captivating flora and fauna that grace the lands of West Marin, where she lives.

The Magic Nalgene will be available for sale on Tuesday, July 11th. Take this opportunity to own a true work of art and enhance your Magic Magnesium experience. Supplies are limited, so don't miss out on this special piece of live with you art. :)


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