Herbal Starter Kit

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Our founder Lauren Haynes gets asked all the time where someone should kick off their deep dive into plant medicine. To make it easy, we bundled together her 4 personal recommendations (and faves) into one delightful bundle. Save $26 when you shop our Herbal Starter Kit.

Herbal Coffee

Brew a batch of microbiome-friendly energy. Prebiotic roots and invigorating herbs join forces to help you become a solar power to greet the day. Learn more about Herbal Coffee.

Fire Cider 

A daily dose of wellness, Fire Cider sparks and supports the immune system and digestion and may reduce inflammation in the body. Learn more about Fire Cider.

Mushroom Magic

Six medicinal mushrooms are swirled with vanilla and cinnamon to create a sweet-tasting triple extract to bring connected balance to your daily life. Learn more about Mushroom Magic

Earth Ship

Much like the closed-loop dwelling that is the Earth Ship, this tea is a one-stop sip for replenishing your entire body. It fortifies the nerves, gives a deep sip of minerals, and leaves you feeling refreshed. Learn more about Earth Ship.