Commune Bundle

a trio of daily wellness tonics*

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Shop our Commune Collection, a trio of tonics for everyday wellness.

Rose-Colored Glasses

Through the sweet support of rose, the adaptogenic balance of holy basil, and the nerve-soothing of milky oats, your outlook will be illuminated and your healthy boundaries tenderly reinforced with Rose-Colored Glasses. Learn more about the formula.

Mushroom Magic

Six medicinal mushrooms are swirled with vanilla and cinnamon to create a sweet-tasting triple extract to bring connected balance to your daily life. Learn more about Mushroom Magic.

Solar-Power Energy

Abundant, nutritive herbs such as nettle and red raspberry leaf work together to bring your physical and etheric bodies into sustainable power. Learn more about Solar-Power Energy.

Please refer to each product page for suggested use and caution.

Please refer to each product page for all ingredients.