The Magnesium Supplement You Actually Want To Drink

Meet your new favorite formula—Magic Magnesium. Tastes like countrytime lemonade, boosted with blue spirulina, and made with magnesium sourced from the sea.


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"Love it! Cuts brain fog, keeps my energy levels up throughout the day, helps recovery time from workouts. Tastes great. Something I never knew I needed!"

— Rachel R.

"Absolutely stunning. This was so delicious and I have noticed an immense improvement in my digestion and sleep. I can't wait to have this on subscription."

— Oanh N.

"This is a staple in our home. We love drinking it before bed, while it doesn’t make you tired it definitely helps giving you a restful sleep. We love it!"

— Jenna R.

"This is the tastiest magnesium I’ve ever tried! I’m usually a bit skeptical but this won me over instantly. I’m dealing with a back injury and so happy to have this on hand."

— Christine F.

"Absolutely love Magic Magnesium. I've missed using it from time to time and I notice a difference. Lovely, light lemonade flavor and that blue color is entrancing. "

— Andrea L.


Magnesium From The Sea

Our magnesium is sourced from the sea! It's made from a reaction of purified ocean water and citric acid, to create magnesium citrate. Bonus, Magic Magnesium contains all 72 trace minerals.

Won't Break The Bank

We believe taking good care of yourself should be affordable which is why Magic Magnesium is only .87 cents per serving. If you subscribe, you save 15% and free shipping on every order.

Tastes Delicious

Magic Magnesium is tastes, turns blue, and works like a charm! Our blue magnesium tastes like country time lemonade on a hot summer day and gets its vibrant color from blue spirulina.


Magnesium is foundational nutrition—to support healthy energy levels, bolster gut health and nervous system vitality, strengthen muscle, bone, and dental health, and provide hydrating electrolytes.

1. Helps to maintain muscle function
2. Supports muscle relaxation
3. Boosts energy levels
4. Promotes strong bones and teeth
5. Provides electrolytes
6. Supports a balanced nervous system

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