The Glow Stick & The Light Cakes

Our incredible friends over at CAP Beauty came up with two genius recipes for using The Light Ray. The first, a watermelon-strawberry popsicle (drool). The second, in collaboration with Alice Waters’s daughter Fanny Singer, a stack of pancakes with The Light Ray as the syrup. Read on for the recipes…

glow stick2.jpg

From CAP Beauty: “Oh summer, parting is such sweet sorrow. Enter The Glow Stick: a pop-cycle celebrating the late fruits of summer and our newest creation, The Light Ray. The Light Ray tincture builds nutrition through herbs that provide loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with a jammy finish. Enjoy the last licks of summer with a treat that folds our beauty boosting formula into the perfect pucker to kiss summer adieu.”


3 heaping cups of seeded watermelon

1 heaping cup of strawberries (fresh or frozen)

2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

3 dropperfuls of The Light Ray



1 scoop coconut yogurt for a creamy pop

Lime zest for an extra punch

Handful of freshly torn herbs (we recommend mint or basil)



In blender combine all ingredients and blend on high till smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze until firm. Enjoy in good health.


From Fanny Singer via CAP:

I love making pancakes with interesting flours because they taste so much more complex (and are often more nutritionally complex) than regular white wheat flour pancakes, or even gluten free pancake mix alternatives, which can be loaded with simple carbohydrates like sweet rice flour and potato starch. 

This recipe takes advantage of a type of gluten free, paleo-friendly, grain-free and nut-free flour that’s recently come on the market: Tiger Nut flour. Tiger Nuts, also known as chufa, yellow nutsedge or earth almonds, are actually a root, or tuber, and not at all in the nut family. Originally cultivated in Egypt, they were used both as food and medicine as they are incredibly rich in a variety of nutrients and are said to aid digestion. For this recipe I used Pamela’s Extra-Fine Organic Tiger Nut Flour. Because Tiger Nuts have a native nutty and sweet flavor I find this recipe needs absolutely no added sweetener and is perfectly foiled by the jammy sweet-tart flavor of CAP Beauty The Light Ray as a finishing note. 


Yield: about 16 small, sand dollar-sized pancakes (batter keeps well for a couple days in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator. I always like having a larger batch so I can have pancakes for a few days without any fuss)


1 1/2 cups extra-fine organic Tiger Nut flour 

1/4 teaspoon finely ground CAP Beauty Himalayan Pink Salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 tsp baking powder 

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom 

2 large organic free range eggs 

1 tablespoon Ancient Organics ghee (or butter)

2 tablespoons CAP Beauty Coconut Butter 

3/4 cups unsweetened pistachio milk (or almond milk)

2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice 

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract  

Start by mixing the dry ingredients in a large bowl with a whisk. In another smaller bowl combine the nut milk, eggs and lemon juice with a fork. In a small pan melt the ghee and CAP Beauty Coconut Butter over very low heat while stirring constantly to avoid burning. Whisk the wet ingredients into the dry until well combined and then mix in the melted ghee/coconut butter mixture into that. 

Heat a large cast iron pan or griddle until hot but not smoking. Grease the pan with a bit of ghee and spoon out batter to make small sand dollar-sized pancakes evenly spaced out. Cook a few minutes, looking for a few bubbles to appear. Flip and cook for another minute or so. Serve in stacks with sliced fruit of the season (I used Mission figs, strawberries and raspberries) and drizzle the fruit and stack generously with CAP Beauty Light Ray. Serve immediately! 

Tinctures Demystified

Ever wonder what the heck a tincture even is? I get this question all the time! So I made a short video explaining the who, what, when, where and why of tinctures. I think you’ll love it.

A tincture is essentially just a long-steeped tea blend, but instead of extracting it into water, as with a tea, we’re extracting it into a shelf-stable preservative, like alcohol or vinegar.

Watch the video.

NYC Hotspot Roundup


This past week we were in New York City for Shoppe Object! CAP Beauty invited us as part of their curated beauty and wellness section, and it was loads of fun and great to meet so many wonderful shop owners and fellow makers. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite spots that I visited, some of our retailers, and some fellow CAP brands (and my new bffs) below. I hope you love! Leave some comments about other places we should visit next time… You could spend a lifetime in that city and never see it all.

Spots I Visited:
Russ and Daughters Cafe - A super classy 100 year old Jewish deli, Russ & Daughters is an institution. It’s also the first restaurant in the US to be called something “& Daughters,” which is pretty rad. As a Jewish woman (by heritage), it felt super homey to me and brought a tear to my eye thinking of my grandparents, specifically my granddad who grew up in Brooklyn. Anyway, really classy joint, low lighting, very cozy, and seriously amazing food. They even have gluten free bagels… So maybe that’s pertinent to my wellness career? My latkes are still better, though. Lower East Side.

Orchard Street Grocer - I ran into my internet turned IRL friend Kazlynn outside of a coffee shop and she directed me towards this vegan grocery and deli counter. Super cute and full of snacks I’ve only seen from afar. Great selection and I hear great food. Lower East Side.

Superiority Burger - I recently got the Superiority Burger cookbook and have made so many delicious meals out of it, so I was stoked to try it with my friend Lauren. Man, it was delicious. I had the Sloppy Dave, and some guava sorbet. Always get their sorbet, was the lesson I learned. I also embarrassed myself by talking about the chef who was in Born Against, a band I listened to a lot at one point, and then realizing he was standing right next to me. Super cool. East Village.

Dimes - A true vibe, a classic. I think their breakfast is best, but I tucked in for lunch with my bud Alexis and it was a fantastic place for a leisurely lunch. Try anything on the menu. You’ll be delighted. Try a funky beverage or three. Canal Street.

Narnia Vintage - Ok so the last day I was here, I tried to make it to this Brooklyn vintage shop on my way out, but my car wasn’t going to arrive until five minutes after they close. But it’s on the list. Go here.

Butcher’s Daughter - This place get a lot of hype but it’s for good reason; it’s a really cute cafe with a sweet vibe. I’m not sure what part of town this is called… West Village? Meatpacking District? But it’s a great place to grab a cup of tea and a juice and let a man walk by and show you his conspiracy theory art. At least for me. They also have good banana bread, with chocolate chips. I had that.

Bonberi - The cutest bodega in the West Village. I dropped by out of curiosity and got a gluten-free sugar-free but sadly not free-free muffin and a little cute bottle of water. It’s great for snacks and medicinal stuff and maybe some personal care sundries, all with a totally organic slant.

Time Cafe - This is the new spot that the internet was buzzing about so I walked really far just to try it, mostly because they have a giant blown up black and white photo of a cup of coffee as their menu background. It was cute; I ate an egg croissant and read a book while runner after runner came in and asked if they sold water. (Answer: only in glass.)

Westbourne - I don’t know anything about this place except I’d seen the name gloss across my IG feed, so after lugging two 20 pound packages to the only post office that opened early on the lower west side (is that a thing?) I pulled it up as a coffee shop on my phone. Surprise! It was the coziest cafe with the sweetest person behind the counter, who put me immediately at ease. They have vegetarian food, but it’s all good if you eat gluten and dairy. They do too. Gorgeous pies in the counter case, and fantastic coffee. I hear it’s better at night. 

Local Stockists I love:

Alchemist’s Kitchen - AK is a total herb nerd classic. You can get like any kind of weird tonic or “wellness beverage” here as well as delish snacks and crystals and all kinds of handmade potions from small makers and brands. It’s really a great spot. You can also book wellness sessions with Rachelle Robinette, or attend a class. We’re stoked to be here.

CAP Beauty - The holy grail of stockists for our business, we are so thankful to be in the fold of the CAP family. If you haven’t been here, you’re missing out. It’s always packed and you can also get a full on healing treatment under the guise of a facial or acupuncture. In the West Village on a really quaint street. Just please go.

Wthn - I didn’t make it up here but my friend Alexis did! Acupuncturist and TCM practitioner Shari Auth runs this walk-in acupuncture space. Super design forward; v. cute.

ABC Home - Another grail. A giant department store of home wares and what’s cool in the world (??). I still haven’t been but lots of people say they found our product here, which is amazing. I’ll definitely get here next trip. It’s in Midtown. We’re very happy to be a part of this store. Jerry Seinfeld went here on John Mulaney’s Comedians, Cars, Etc. episode. That was cool. Maybe he bought a tincture!

My New BFFs from the Show:

Alexis Smart - Basically a comedian and a model rolled into one. Makes amazing flower remedies that will change your life.

Lauren’s All Purpose - A truly all purpose balm made by one of the coolest, sweetest humans. Smells divine, like drinking peppermint tea in a patchouli field. I use it for everything. Violette Grey approved. Get the ceramic one; it’s a work of art.

Smoke Perfume - A true blue gem of a human. The sweetest. Perfume sorceress. The OG botanical perfume. She taught me how to smell good. Based in New Orleans… I wear Ritual.

Bathing Culture - New competition for Dr. Bronner’s. Legit, you can wash anything. Gentle and effective and smells like evergreens. Maybe went to Evergreen College. Very cool dudes, very down to earth, very friendly. Get their towels - they’re SO plush.

Linne - Gorgeous plant-based skincare from a woman who really knows and loves her plants. She had the most thoughtful season-appropriate flower arrangements that you could tell she foraged and that said it all.

Nucifera - A fellow Southern woman who escaped to LA. Nucifera is a balm and a mist… They’re both incredible. She’s such a sweet woman and I can’t wait to hang again. Try the mist… It’s smells amazing and sanitizes your entire life.

Sigil Scent - NKOTB of the natural scent scene. To die for. Divine. And the perfume is nice too.

Lesse - Do more with Lesse. Plant-based skincare out of Venice, California made by the most beautiful human (inside, outside). I’m so excited for the products she has, yes, but also for the products we got sneak peeks of. Stay tuned.

Masha Teas - Naturopath with a heart of gold and super beautiful hair. She makes teas, and she knows what’s up.

Moon Juice - Moon Juice was there and their rep was really great. Ditto Fur Oil, Province Apothecary, Captain Blankenship & Dame.

Seven Juicy Herbs for Summertime Hydration

juicy herbs.png

I’ve put together a little list of my favorite hydrating summertime plants for you today. All of these plants are calming and cooling for the entire body, taking your hydration to the next level in a way that water alone can’t. Many of them act via mucilage, aka slimy gooey plant-constituents that coat and soothe tissues throughout the body. This nourishing plant goo delivers deep hydration, and is best extracted as a cold infusion, with the plant material steeped in tepid water and left overnight either on your counter or in the fridge, depending on the temperature of your house (we’re not trying to ferment it!).

Linden - A fantastic cooling, calming herb that’s supremely anti-inflammatory. It’s floral taste is amazing on a hot summer day, and it makes a fantastic beverage option for any picnic. Calms the mind and helps with focus.

Hibiscus - Tart and tangy, iced hibiscus tea is a classic summer treat. I like it steeped for hours with ginger and cinnamon for a bit of an herbal sangria. It’s bioflavonoids promote heart health, which is so important as dehydration can tax our ticker.

Marshmallow - The ultimate in plant-based hydration, and cousin of hibiscus, marshmallow is great to have at least once a week. It does have a bit of a strong flavor, so I like to hide mine by adding a cup or so to my fruit smoothie.

Corn silk - Oh my god, this plant is such a summertime treat. Dried corn silk pales in comparison to its fresh counterpart. It tastes a little bit like honeysuckle, but more earthy. All you need to do is take the fresh silk from your cobs, discard any brown, and save them in a jar in the fridge. When the jar is full, cover with filtered water and leave to steep overnight. Strain and enjoy the most delicious, hydrating, kidney-supportive tea I can think of.

Oatstraw - Feeling frazzled? There’s so much to do in the summer, whether that’s kids being home from school or harvesting your garden bounty. Oatstraw makes the most delicious iced infusion, immediately cooling to the head and heart. Grassy and sweet, you can drink it straight up, right out of the fridge.

Peaches - Don’t forget you can eat your water! Summer fruits and vegetables like peaches, watermelon, tomatoes and cucumbers are fantastic ways to get more water into your body without drinking gallons a day. Peaches in particular deliver essential sugars to keep us pepped throughout the hottest of summer hikes… or pool lounges.

Okra - The queen of all slimy plants, okra is fantastic for keeping our insides juicy when the sun is peaking. You can make okra tea and use that on a sunburn, or you can just cook up a mess and add some curry powder for a deeply nourishing meal that fills the inner well.

The Commune Collection: Rose-Colored Glasses


Rose-Colored Glasses will lift your mood, open your heart, and enhance your intuition. Through the sweet support of Rose, the adaptogenic balance of Holy Basil, and the nerve-soothing of Milky Oats, your outlook will be illuminated and your healthy boundaries tenderly reinforced. A few drops of the flower essence of Mimosa in the blend ensures that the positivity radiates throughout both body and soul, and over time can radically expand your ability to see the world with love. Read on to meet these herb friends, and use the tonic daily to let your inner light color your experience of life. Commune with good vibes.

Rose - Rosa spp.

We all know the saying “stop and smell the roses” and doing just that can be an amazing remedy to calm stress and quiet mental chatter.  Rose is a heart healer and opener. This lovely, sacred flower reminds us to stay open and aware of all the love in our lives. With thorns and blossoms, Rose carries lessons of boldness, beauty and boundaries. We can soften into new situations without losing our sense of self. In one way or another we have all known the hurt of heartbreak, the difficulty of reclaiming our wholeness in the aftermath of loss and learning to love again. Rose reinforces self-love and personal empowerment, lifting our spirits so we believe in our worth. Rose is a balancing, cooling herb ideal for treating constitutionally hot conditions or individuals that have a tendency to be hard on themselves. Rose is a nudge toward self-forgiveness as we move through our emotions, especially more difficult feelings like anger, bitterness and grief which we’re often taught are unacceptable to experience or express and therefore become repressed or stuck within us.

Tulsi aka holy basil - Ocimum sanctum

Holy Basil is a revered plant in India and has been used in the Ayurveda healing tradition for thousands of years.  A fragrant member of the mint family and a close relative to the culinary basil (Ocimum basilicum) we are familiar to in the west, Holy Basil strengthens vitality and increases our adaptability to long term and everyday stressors. Believed to be the earthly incarnation of the divine, Holy Basil is a transformative herb helping us shift how we relate to life’s ups and downs on a foundational level, strengthening our resilience and increasing joy.

If you are going through a time of uncertainty due to life transition - a move, change of career, a break up, seasonal transition, personal or collective loss, etc - and you wish you could just hit pause on life’s demands and take care of yourself, work with Holy Basil to support you in tending to all matters big and small.  Holy Basil is an excellent ally when we’re going through a rough patch and still need to show up to our responsibilities. Tulsi will clear the cobwebs from your mind, promoting mental clarity and resolve.

Holy Basil protects the heart, promotes healthy blood pressure and maintains blood sugar. It can be used internally and externally as an antimicrobial, supporting wound healing when used topically or in the care of herpes and shingles when taken internally. It reduces excessive immune response for those with chronic allergies and asthma, especially when asthma is triggered by stress. In general, Tulsi has a balancing affect on the immune system as a whole. As with most mint family plants, Holy Basil improves digestion and is an ideal medicine for the winter blues, when low spirits, poor immunity and sluggish digestion due to holiday indulgences and overeating can leave us listless.

Hawthorn - Crataegus spp.

On a emotional level, hawthorn supports the heart during times of despair from depression and great loss. It is a wonderful tonic that can be taken for as long as needed to navigate the peaks and valleys of the emotional heart. Like rose, hawthorn teaches of boundaries and the balance between blossom & thorn. When the emotional heart is not centered we can experience physical symptoms that manifest as insomnia, anxiety and agitation. Hawthorn not only supports the physical and emotional heart, but the nervous system as well; calming and centering in times of stress and depression.

In Celtic wheel of the year, hawthorn is embodied as fertility, beltane, but also as death, samhain. It is said to be a gateway into the underworld, most accessible at the times of year when the veil at its thinnest. In the exploration of the underworld we turn to hawthorn to learn of the thorns, flowers and fruits of life. Supporting the heart, both physically and emotionally gives us courage and strength to build healthy and ever changing boundaries.

Oats - Avena sativa

Oat is among the best nutrient rich tonic herbs for the nervous system. By providing our body with needed vitamins and minerals, Oat promotes energy by increasing our overall health and vitality. An essential herb if you have frayed nerves and exhaustion due to a lifestyle of overwork. It can be especially helpful if you are prone to irritability, tension headaches, or find that when you have the most on your plate your attention span and ability to focus goes out the window. Avena “feeds” the nervous system especially when under stress. Oat is an excellent source of magnesium which relaxes tight muscles and cramping.

These are just some of the multitudes of magic that this herbal formula will bring. Commune with good vibes here.