Bug Spray

don't bug out

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Don't bug out.

An herbal spray to keep bugs at bay. Our gentle Bug Spray effectively repels all your summertime foes. Use while kindling the fire, embarking into the woods, or on a hot summer day near the lake. Spray frequently for best results and shake well before use.

2.7 oz. aluminum bottle

Lavender is soothing to sensitive and dry skin when used topically and naturally detracts bugs. This means it works double duty in our Spray, both soothing and preventing bites. Citronella is an excellent bug repellent with antibacterial properties and aromatherapeutic applications that promote good mood and immune balance.Geranium essential oil is a tick’s nemesis.

Suggested use: Spray over skin and clothing as needed. Keep out of reach of children.

Organic Lavender hydrosol, Organic Witch hazel, Organic Vegetable glycerine, Organic Citronella essential oil, Organic Eucalyptus essential oil, Organic Geranium essential oil, Organic Cedar essential oil.