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3 Signs You Need Adaptogen Balance

If youโ€™ve heard of adaptogens and also heard that not everyone needs an adaptogen, then you may be wondering โ€œOk, so when do I need an adaptogen?โ€ and โ€œHow do I know?โ€

4 Signs You Need Menstrual Magic

For many, menstruation is quite the ride. Uncomfortable cramps, tenderness, acne, mood swings and general discomfort are widely accepted as part of the experience of menstruation. But pe...

5 Signs You Need Aphrodisia

Yes, aphrodisiacs really work. Rose, Shatavari, Schisandra, and Cinnamon are common aphrodisiacs that heighten libido and turn on sensuality. Find out if Aphrodisia is right for you.

What are Herbal Aphrodisiacs?

Check out our aphrodisiac herb list. They support libido by calming the body mind connection, plus nourishing and supporting the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and reproductive system. Caca...

Iced Matcha Latte featuring Mushroom Magic

This iced matcha latte uses our Mushroom Magic tincture. It is creamy, mildly invigorating, and delicious over ice. It leaves you feeling grounded and satisfied, since itโ€™s packed wit...