We wanted to share our round up of ways to stay well. These just scratch the surface of natural, low cost/free ways you can tend to yourself right now. Share this with a friend or family member that could use it, we are truly all in this together. Stay well, friends!



Be aware of what you're ingesting through your eyes and ears! Too much visual and audible stimulation can keep us on edge - try silencing your phone, turning off push notifications and only checking social and news platforms once a day. Seriously. Our Adaptogen Power tincture is a perfect companion help you keep both feet on the ground.


Check in multiple times a day with your body, notice how you're feeling, and ask yourself what you need to get to a place that feels better. Ask yourself - Can I rest? Can I hydrate? Can I nourish? These are all grounding practices that will make your body feel better. Try Solar-Power Energy from our commune collection to boost vitality and keep you going.


 You can ritualize anything to bring presence to the moment. Can you make your morning tea with intention? Is there a song that soothes your mind?  Do you have a creative practice that you can lose yourself in for a few hours? Go there. Our Rose-Colored Glasses will put you in a place to receive the beauty of the present moment.


Keep nourishing foods at the front of your fridge and incorporate as often as possible. Think brothy soups, citrus, dark leafy greens, garlic and onions, ginger and warming spices. Your body will thank you. But be easy with yourself... Comfort food is medicine too. Add a tsp of our Super Green Protein to your morning routine to boost any breakfast


Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Remember coffee and caffeinated teas ramp up your nervous system and dehydrate you. If you still need that boost to survive, be sure you're also refilling the well, and then some. Try calming teas like chamomile and lavender, lots of water, or a ginger and lemon hot toddy. Take an indulgent moment with our Mushroom Chocolate powder, sip some hot chocolate that’s great for you.


Now is the time to take our supplements seriously. Look to medicinal mushrooms, magnesium, zinc, multivitamins, and probiotics. To ease an anxious being, try nervines like motherwort, chamomile, skullcap, milky oats, or rose. We’ve been taking our Mushroom Magic tincture daily to keep our systems in shape


Often times, anxiety is a symptom of too much energy building in the body looking for a release. Stay one step ahead by trying to move everyday. This can be walking, dancing, stretching... Whatever! If you're already highly active and missing your gym, there are so many great free livestreams happening right now to keep up the pace. We love Skyting and Allison Riegel.


Finding our breath is the easiest way to step back into the now. Listen to yours, is it shallow and quick or deep and long? Put your hands on your belly and feel them rise and fall with each breath. Just a few of these will activate the parasympathetic nervous system and get you out of fight or flight. Don't forget to get fresh air, open a window and breathe with the birds. Right now we’re working on a Lung Syrup to add to our offerings ASAP, we will make it one breath at a time.


This dizzying time can make us feel off-balance. Slow it on down and take 5 in stillness. Stare at the wall, step outside and look at a flower more deeply than ever, soak up the sun, hug a tree, recognize this is beauty in the world! What a trip. We love the Headspace app to help bring us back to the now.


For an even more in-depth view of all the ways you can stay well, check out our full zine here!

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