Solar-Power Energy harnesses the sun’s healing rays to build up your natural energy reserves through nourishment. This is not a quick fix that will lead to a crash, but rather a gently supportive, mineral-rich remedy that boosts energy by giving your body what it needs to thrive. Abundant, nutritive herbs such as Nettle and Red Raspberry Leaf work together with the flower essence of American Ginseng to bring your physical and etheric bodies into sustainable power. Read our blog post to learn more about these plant allies, and take your solar-powered minerals daily to boost your wellbeing. Commune with renewable energy.

Solar Power Energy was destined to be. So many of our customers and clients struggle with lagging energy, chronic fatigue, and general exhaustion. Their solution? More coffee. Our solution? More minerals!

Solar Power Energy combines four of our favorite energy rich plant allies and American ginseng energetic essence for a powerful, yet gentle, nourishing energy boost. This isn’t your usual caffeine rocket to the stars, this is a slow, gradual build over time, a deep drink of water for your nervous system and adrenals.

Read on for more on the plants of Solar Power Energy…

Nettles - Urtica dioica

Stinging nettle is native to many parts of the world and subspecies of nettle can be found naturalized on almost every continent. Nettle is traditionally used as medicine, food and fiber. From spring stews to medicine to cordage, nettles may well be near the top of every herbalists most used and most adored plants list.

Historically, nettles has been used for everything under the sun. It is a renowned nourishing plant, rich in minerals, vitamins & protein. A prized spring green, one of the first to emerge and continues to be edible through early summer. Energetically it is considered gently warming and it is drying - just think of a sunny spring day after rain. It’s flavor is mineral-y and salty, evident in its medicine. In herbalism it is used to support the elimination pathways, remove excess fluids, provide nutrients to support the building of blood, and promote anti-inflammatory & antihistamine actions in the body. The sting of a nettle hair contains formic acid which stimulates an immune response, bringing blood and anti inflammatory compounds to the affected area, helpful in cold arthritic conditions and injury. It’s beneficial drank through pregnancy to relieve water retention through its diuretic action and help provide nourishment, including much needed iron. It can be used as a tonic to down-regulate allergic reactions and should be taken a month or two before known allergens are on the loose, pine pollen anyone? Alongside other spring herbs it provides foundational nutrients that aid the healthy growth of skin, hair & nails. It is a general tonic that is gentle and nourishing for all types of conditions. Many herbalists consider it not only a valuable medicine, but a daily staple in supporting the body.

Burdock - Articum lappa

Burdock has been used traditionally in western herbalism “to purify the blood,” or what we now call an herbal alterative. Burdock supports all of the elimination organs, with an affinity for the liver as well as the lymph. Burdock is cooling and moistening, good for hot and dry conditions that manifest as inflammation. Often theses are conditions that show on the skin such as acne, eczema/psoriasis, rashes and boils. It is also helpful when the lymph is experiencing congestion that results in hard, swollen and painful nodes which is also common with the conditions listed above and in cases of infection. It pairs well with other lymph clearing spring herbs like violet and cleavers. Burdock can eaten as a young root and is known as gobo in japanese, often prepared in long cooked soups and stews. It is rich in the prebiotic starch inulin which feeds the good bacteria - probiotic - of our gut. In supporting a healthy gut to cleansing the blood, burdock’s medicine reaches far and wide in our bodies and is a valuable and safe medicine to use daily. 

Red Raspberry Leaf - Rubus idaeus

Raspberry leaf contains a variety of vitamins and minerals and is commonly taken as a daily tonic in various preparations to support of a wide range of conditions. It is considered cooling and drying which gives it an astringent quality that supports the tissues of the body, known in herbal medicine as a tissue tonic. Raspberry leaf is a traditional tonic for the generative organs. It is well known for its use in pregnancy and for its affinity to the uterus, toning the tissue and providing important nutrients including iron. Helpful where there is excessive bleeding or fluids, pain from cramping and prolapse of not only the uterus, but other pelvic areas as well. These astringent benefits can be applied to different systems of the body. Useful in conditions like leaky gut, loose stools, bleeding gums, ulcers and any other situation that involved laxity of the tissues. The leaf along with the berries, is rich in antioxidants providing anti inflammatory support for the tissues as well, a true tissue tonic!

In addition to all of these amazing benefits and properties, all of the plants in Solar Power are incredibly rich with minerals, which builds our nutrition and reserves, supplying us with a deep well of energy when used over time. Commune with renewable energy here.

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