This divinely decadent alcohol-free spritz is made with our Elderberry Elixir and Quick Wits tincture, an herbaceous pairing that supports mental clarity, cognitive function, and overall immune health. But here's the thing, the beauty of DIY'ing your sober-free refreshments is that you can - and should! - tailor your bubbling bevvie to suit exact desires.

For this recipe, we recommend keeping the Elderberry Elixir for its decadent berry flavor and adding (or substituting) tinctures as you see fit. See some sample recommendations below.

Herbs are adaptable and customizable. You can switch up your herbal routine at any moment to fit your needs. That's why, in order to feel calm and at ease at a soiree you don't have to sip a tea, unless you want to of course. You can also have a fun, delicious, celebratory booze-free cocktail. Scroll down for this simple recipe, and remember you can always choose your own adventure.

Up your sober imbibing with herbs


1 can of cranberry ginger sparkling water
Splash of orange juice
1/2 TSP of Elderberry Elixir
40 drops of Quick Wits

How To

Mix sparkling water, orange juice, and Elderberry Elixir in your favorite glass. Add ice. Top with Quick Wits and garnish of your choice. We recommend fresh herbs, but we're biased.

Remember that you can and should tailor your herbal cocktail with the tinctures that support the vibe you want to align with. From there, you can sit back, relax, and let the herbs do their thing.

Want to learn more about Elderberry Elixir and Quick Wits? Read our deep dives below.

Cultivate deep resilience with Elderberry Elixir

Drawing from many lineages of folk medicine, Elderberry Elixir is a daily immune tonic that everybody on earth needs. This delicious and supportive syrup, made from raw apple cider vinegar, raw mountain honey and botanicals, may be taken as a daily ally to build deep immunity and resilience.

Elderberry supports a balanced immune system — creating calm when overactive and striking speed when needed. Elderberry soothes the immune system, allowing the body to regain homeostasis. Famous for their immune-boosting properties, elderberries are potent antivirals effective against a wide range of pathogens.

Rosehips, the fruit grown from the flower of a rose, is one of the highest plant sources of vitamin C, a nutrient needed for countless bodily processes, including bolstering the immune system. These bountiful jewel-toned delights offer a sweet taste and a touch of body to this earthy syrup.

Astragalus, a foundational herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a deep immune tonic and adaptogen. Earthy and sweet on the palate, astragalus is known to shield the systems of the body from outside aggressors.

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Revive your mind with Quick Wits

Quick Wits, to keep keen, is a formula that supports the central nervous system and helps you sharpen clarity through foggy moments of the mind. Quick Wits promotes memory and distills ruminations offering lucidity and focus.

Gingko, a tree native to China, has been traditionally used to promote memory. Harvested around the time of the autumn equinox, Gingko gleams golden yellow, reminiscent of the leaves of fall and packed with a solar force of phytochemicals. This herb promotes memory and may help you slip into creative thinking.

Rosemary, an herb with at least a thousand uses, was believed to grow only in the gardens of the righteous in Medieval times. This ancient herb supports brain function and encourages circulation throughout the body.

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