This past week we were in New York City for Shoppe Object! CAP Beauty invited us as part of their curated beauty and wellness section, and it was loads of fun and great to meet so many wonderful shop owners and fellow makers. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite spots that I visited, some of our retailers, and some fellow CAP brands (and my new bffs) below. I hope you love! Leave some comments about other places we should visit next time… You could spend a lifetime in that city and never see it all.

Spots I Visited:
Russ and Daughters Cafe - A super classy 100 year old Jewish deli, Russ & Daughters is an institution. It’s also the first restaurant in the US to be called something “& Daughters,” which is pretty rad. As a Jewish woman (by heritage), it felt super homey to me and brought a tear to my eye thinking of my grandparents, specifically my granddad who grew up in Brooklyn. Anyway, really classy joint, low lighting, very cozy, and seriously amazing food. They even have gluten free bagels… So maybe that’s pertinent to my wellness career? My latkes are still better, though. Lower East Side.

Orchard Street Grocer - I ran into my internet turned IRL friend Kazlynn outside of a coffee shop and she directed me towards this vegan grocery and deli counter. Super cute and full of snacks I’ve only seen from afar. Great selection and I hear great food. Lower East Side.

Superiority Burger - I recently got the Superiority Burger cookbook and have made so many delicious meals out of it, so I was stoked to try it with my friend Lauren. Man, it was delicious. I had the Sloppy Dave, and some guava sorbet. Always get their sorbet, was the lesson I learned. I also embarrassed myself by talking about the chef who was in Born Against, a band I listened to a lot at one point, and then realizing he was standing right next to me. Super cool. East Village.

Dimes - A true vibe, a classic. I think their breakfast is best, but I tucked in for lunch with my bud Alexis and it was a fantastic place for a leisurely lunch. Try anything on the menu. You’ll be delighted. Try a funky beverage or three. Canal Street.

Narnia Vintage - Ok so the last day I was here, I tried to make it to this Brooklyn vintage shop on my way out, but my car wasn’t going to arrive until five minutes after they close. But it’s on the list. Go here.

Butcher’s Daughter - This place get a lot of hype but it’s for good reason; it’s a really cute cafe with a sweet vibe. I’m not sure what part of town this is called… West Village? Meatpacking District? But it’s a great place to grab a cup of tea and a juice and let a man walk by and show you his conspiracy theory art. At least for me. They also have good banana bread, with chocolate chips. I had that.

Bonberi - The cutest bodega in the West Village. I dropped by out of curiosity and got a gluten-free sugar-free but sadly not free-free muffin and a little cute bottle of water. It’s great for snacks and medicinal stuff and maybe some personal care sundries, all with a totally organic slant.

Time Cafe - This is the new spot that the internet was buzzing about so I walked really far just to try it, mostly because they have a giant blown up black and white photo of a cup of coffee as their menu background. It was cute; I ate an egg croissant and read a book while runner after runner came in and asked if they sold water. (Answer: only in glass.)

Westbourne - I don’t know anything about this place except I’d seen the name gloss across my IG feed, so after lugging two 20 pound packages to the only post office that opened early on the lower west side (is that a thing?) I pulled it up as a coffee shop on my phone. Surprise! It was the coziest cafe with the sweetest person behind the counter, who put me immediately at ease. They have vegetarian food, but it’s all good if you eat gluten and dairy. They do too. Gorgeous pies in the counter case, and fantastic coffee. I hear it’s better at night. 

Local Stockists I love:

Alchemist’s Kitchen - AK is a total herb nerd classic. You can get like any kind of weird tonic or “wellness beverage” here as well as delish snacks and crystals and all kinds of handmade potions from small makers and brands. It’s really a great spot. You can also book wellness sessions with Rachelle Robinette, or attend a class. We’re stoked to be here.

CAP Beauty - The holy grail of stockists for our business, we are so thankful to be in the fold of the CAP family. If you haven’t been here, you’re missing out. It’s always packed and you can also get a full on healing treatment under the guise of a facial or acupuncture. In the West Village on a really quaint street. Just please go.

Wthn - I didn’t make it up here but my friend Alexis did! Acupuncturist and TCM practitioner Shari Auth runs this walk-in acupuncture space. Super design forward; v. cute.

ABC Home - Another grail. A giant department store of home wares and what’s cool in the world (??). I still haven’t been but lots of people say they found our product here, which is amazing. I’ll definitely get here next trip. It’s in Midtown. We’re very happy to be a part of this store. Jerry Seinfeld went here on John Mulaney’s Comedians, Cars, Etc. episode. That was cool. Maybe he bought a tincture!

My New BFFs from the Show:

Alexis Smart - Basically a comedian and a model rolled into one. Makes amazing flower remedies that will change your life.

Lauren’s All Purpose - A truly all purpose balm made by one of the coolest, sweetest humans. Smells divine, like drinking peppermint tea in a patchouli field. I use it for everything. Violette Grey approved. Get the ceramic one; it’s a work of art.

Smoke Perfume - A true blue gem of a human. The sweetest. Perfume sorceress. The OG botanical perfume. She taught me how to smell good. Based in New Orleans… I wear Ritual.

Bathing Culture - New competition for Dr. Bronner’s. Legit, you can wash anything. Gentle and effective and smells like evergreens. Maybe went to Evergreen College. Very cool dudes, very down to earth, very friendly. Get their towels - they’re SO plush.

Linne - Gorgeous plant-based skincare from a woman who really knows and loves her plants. She had the most thoughtful season-appropriate flower arrangements that you could tell she foraged and that said it all.

Nucifera - A fellow Southern woman who escaped to LA. Nucifera is a balm and a mist… They’re both incredible. She’s such a sweet woman and I can’t wait to hang again. Try the mist… It’s smells amazing and sanitizes your entire life.

Sigil Scent - NKOTB of the natural scent scene. To die for. Divine. And the perfume is nice too.

Lesse - Do more with Lesse. Plant-based skincare out of Venice, California made by the most beautiful human (inside, outside). I’m so excited for the products she has, yes, but also for the products we got sneak peeks of. Stay tuned.

Masha Teas - Naturopath with a heart of gold and super beautiful hair. She makes teas, and she knows what’s up.

Moon Juice - Moon Juice was there and their rep was really great. Ditto Fur Oil, Province Apothecary, Captain Blankenship & Dame.

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