Summer is here! Well, ok, officially here in just a couple of weeks. But we are already icing our tea, applying our SPF, and getting our shoulders warmed up for a summer of swimming in lakes, oceans, creeks, and pools of course.

Our founder, Lauren, picked out a few essentials for the year’s sunniest season. Short and sweet so that you, too, can get off the internet and into the outdoors.

Nutritious, delicious, everday seasoning.

Nori flakes in my daily miso soup.

It's iced tea season, baby!

Making pots of chai masala on the stovetop to pour over ice for lazy summer mornings.

Put summer vegetables on the schedule.

Now that summer produce is flooding in, I'm kind of obsessed with this cute meal planner and this food-centric journal.

Essential summer reading for the herbally inclined.

Find me by the pool on any given Sunday with my herb-nerd beach read.

Stay cool on the outside.

Hydrosols are how I survive the summer heat. I love a cooling cucumber hydrosol, kept in the fridge. Mix with rosewater to channel Bath & Body Works days of middle school delight.

BFFs with SPF

Herb-infused sunscreen for the aforementioned pool days.

Time for a dip!

Very into this 70's-inspired swimsuit, made in LA from entirely recycled materials.

Stay cool, and calm on the inside.

Tinctures are cool cause they can come with me anywhere. And Rose-Colored Glasses is literally cooling to my mood and to my body. A dropperful reminds me to chill out.

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