We had the honor of commissioning Ivy Weinglass, the ceramicist behind IIIVVVYYY to make a handful of very limited-edition WSH mugs that we absolutely love. You can find them now in our Mushroom Merriment Kit — the shroomy gifting bundle that keeps on giving. Read our full chat with Ivy below and don't miss out on this one of a kind holiday gift.

Who are you?

My name is Ivy and I am a ceramicist and professional book reader (I wish! I just read non-stop) living in Brooklyn, NY

Tell us about your ceramics journey.

I came into ceramics 6 or 7 years ago while I was a freelance prop stylist. I was working my way through learning different crafts and my parents gifted me a 6-week ceramic class for my birthday. I was having a rough time personally and professionally and found such therapy in clay. From the first moment I was hooked - the tactile, the emotional, the playfulness of it just spoke to me. I spent every single spare moment at the studio just learning and playing and once the class was over I got myself a membership and kept going. I just started making pieces and had a few stores pick them up and within a few years, I was doing ceramics full time. It’s exhausting and scary but also the best thing I’ve ever done.

What’s your earliest plant memory?

Growing up in New York City I have to be honest and say... bodega flowers.

How do mushrooms inspire your work?

Well, I have a new collection that is called the Forest Floor collection and in it, I have quite a few mushroom pieces - mugs and platters and vases with a mushroom motif. The look of a mushroom is so instantly recognizable and iconic, it’s been really fun incorporating it into my work, but in a way that feels consistent with my look. I love how mushrooms are having a moment these days and I just hope more and more people get excited by them. One day I would love to use the packaging made from mushrooms - I mean how amazing is that??

All I ever do is want to be in a cabin in a forest, and I find that I really work through my wanderlust in my work. I started making work with leaves and was inspired by bark and wood and mushrooms and I was like, "Oh shit. I must need a forest vacation!" (which I promptly took).

When you're listening, they will tell you it’s ok to be still and to just sit with yourself, to let the wind rustle your hair (or leaves), and to stay present and hopeful.

Do plants speak to you and how can you tell?

Of course! When you're listening, they will tell you it’s ok to be still and to just sit with yourself, to let the wind rustle your hair (or leaves), and to stay present and hopeful.

Do you include mushrooms in your wellness practice?

No, but I should... Mushroom Magic? Where are you?

Sold out

What’s your favorite natural therapy, whether that be plant medicine, acupuncture, or something else?

I swear by acupuncture. Doing ceramics does a number on your body and for far too long I ignored that fact until I couldn’t move my head, or my back was seizing up - and then I would go get acupuncture. These days I am being proactive and getting acupuncture twice a month to help with stress both physically and mentally and I am a better person for it! And mindfulness! I just started doing it in the past month or so at the suggestion of my therapist and I can see and feel the difference in me. I don’t linger as much on bad feelings and thoughts. I allow them, but then let them move on. It’s been pretty revolutionary for me, actually.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

A stylist i used to work for once looked at me as I was going back and forth over something, asking him a ton of questions and he just said "manage your project" - which was like this golden ticket to freedom. I didn’t need to constantly go to him or to anybody and get their approval or their opinion on something that I was spearheading. It was my project and I could manage it how I wanted. Ever since then I will just get something done with a clear mind and minimal back and forth, I use my freedom and I manage my project.

Is there a teacher that’s guided you on your path to becoming a ceramicist?

How do plants inspire your work? See above! it inspires everything I make!

What’s your favorite Wooden Spoon Herbs remedy?

How has it helped you follow the plant path? These days I can’t get enough of Aphrodisia tincture, Elderberry Elixir, and Solar Flare Tea. I've basically tried everything and there’s not one product that hasn’t helped me in some way or another. I find using Wooden Spoon helps me slow down. I take my time adding the drops to my drinks or placed onto my tongue. I feel like by giving myself that moment to slow down and be mindful, the plants and herbs get to

Where can people find you on the world wide web?

www.ivyivyivy.com or on Instgram @ivyivyivyivy

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