Light up the lives of people you love this year with some of our favorite herby gifts. A tincture, salve, or tea is a big gift disguised in a small bottle, tin, or cute little pouch. It’s not just a small token of affection because herbalism is the gift that keeps on giving. Kind of cheesy we know! But as total (proud!) herb nerds we are thankful everyday for the people who showed us this path by giving us our first tea blend, bitters formula, and healing salve. From our heart to yours.

Your co-worker with cold feet

The person who wears fleece socks with anything, starts shivering when the A/C comes on, and who’s breakfast choice is oatmeal over smoothies will definitely benefit from the gift of Fire Cider: a warming blend of roots, fruits, and leaves including ginger, garlic, onion, horseradish, rosemary, thyme, and cayenne pepper extracted in raw apple cider vinegar and sweetened with raw mountain honey. This combination of healing botanicals lights a fire in the body's core that radiates out through the entire being gently igniting the digestive and cardiovascular system and keeping the tips of the nose to the tips of the fingers and toes nice and toasty. A shot a day keeps the chill away! Hey, you should totally put that on your gift tag.

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The superstar mom in your life

Chances are the moms you know just want the gift of spending quality time with the people they love and lots of hugs, hand-holding, and smooches. But we’re crossing our fingers that they are also accepting material gestures this year in appreciation of their unconditional love and super-powered skills of care-giving. You’re probably not going to get a wishlist from a mom, so we’ve got you covered. Our Simple Pleasures Kit is a carefully curated assortment of herbal offerings that equips the moms-we-love with supplies for the perfect reprieve. Deliver the goods alongside your favorite handmade mug and your superstar mom has everything they need to rest and relax into a weekend of couch cuddles.

Country Women Floral Soak - quartz-charged sea salt and epsom salt combined with the powers of Organic biodynamic honey, Organic jojoba, Rose absolute, Organic rose hips, Organic linden, Organic chamomile, Organic milky oat tops. Slipping into this soak is like you just laid down in a native meadow with a freshly picked armful of flowers. Yes, it is that soothing.

Solar Flare Tea - This cider-like tea blend of ginger root, cinnamon bark, and hibiscus flower shines light into all the nooks and crannies of the body and mind: radiating a gentle heat from your core out to your periphery. The perfect tea for sweater weather it delivers a warming flow from the inside out.

Bamboo Tea Strainer - Perfect for a single serving, and a re-steep too, this bamboo strainer is Earth-friendly and reusable again and again.

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Your sister who could use a lift

Do you have that sibling who’s always on the go? Burns the candle at both ends, as they say. Left going for too long, that flame burns out. Earth Ship Tea is a one-stop sip for replenishing the entire body making it perfect for the person who takes their tea from the car, in the meeting, or six hours after it’s been steeped - it tastes great and the benefits are the same enjoyed hot or cold! Robust with nourishing botanicals,it’s gently invigorating in the morning, stabilizing in the afternoon, or calming in the evening. Give the gift of feeling deeply grounded and refreshed, all at once.

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The hyper-active adventurer

Made for the scrappy adventurer, this delicious balm delivers pain relief for achey muscles anywhere any time. A silky remedy made with Soloman's seal root, Apricot oil, beeswax, and skin-warming and inflammation-soothing botanicals for the spectrum of aches ands pains that follow the fearless and active. Creaky Joint Salve delivers the warming relief of cayenne and ginger to the tender and achy muscles that come with romping around the ends of the earth. Made without any added essential oils or artificial scents, this is the perfect gift for friend who prefers to go au natural. Salve all their creaky joints with the balm that can keep up.

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