I've been reallllllllly into fall this year. Like, I'm talking PSL pit stops, pumpkin muffins, and literal gallons of masala chai. So, this roundup is a bit themed: A Wooden Spoon Guide to Autumn.

Climate Report

Well well well... Nothing to kick off a feel-good roundup like some sobering climate news. Ahead of the upcoming COP26, which kicks off on Halloween (of all sacred days), may we all light candles / say prayers / hold our breath that the world's leaders actually start turning our Earth Ship around. Read this interactive report on The Guardian, and make sure to have your Anxiety Ally handy.

Business of Botanicals

That leads me to a fantastic book I've been reading by Ann Ambrecht, exploring the relationship between heart-centered herbalism and, well, capitalism. Can herbalism still hold intention at scale, Ann ponders. We like to think yes, and in praxis this looks like climate-positive, low-carbon-footprint sourcing... for starters.

Adaptogen Balance

This tincture is THEE perfect friend for seasonal transitions. Contrary to the pop culture wellness gospel, adaptogens are actually for ADAPT-ing to new things and/or changes. Case in point, seasonal transition. Totally out of our control, totally confusing to our bodies, totally a time for Adaptogen Balance. (I mean if you use adaptogens daily forever, you're just "adapting" your body to chronic stress, right?)

Fall Edition GT's Kombucha

GT Dave has done it again! Man, I was skeptical of a fermented PSL but it. is. fantastic. Perfectly blended, tasting of apple cider and cinnamon and cloves. (And not, as Trinity Mouzon suggested, like "cinnamon pickles." 😂)

Flowerhead Tea chai kit

A fellow Southern queen, Karina Vlastnik makes the cutest teas, and this chai kit does not disappoint. Standing over a gingery almond milk-filled cauldron, stirring cinnamon sticks and cardamom pods is exactly how I like to spend exactly one morning a week. 10/10 stars for flavor and freshness.

Diaspora Co's masala chai blend

Speaking of... THIS NOW EXISTS. (Disclaimer - sry if it's already sold out when you read this!)

9 Perfect Strangers

Now that you have your chai brewed and your pumpkin muffins in-hand, coze down with a creepy "wellness" themed show. At times bone-chilling and at others heart-warming, it's a well-rounded rollercoaster of what a healing journey can feel like.

Cannelle et Vanille gluten free sourdough

Whoa. To be a toast-head that is now 99% gluten-free has been a challenge... Until now. Aran Goyoaga has masterfully and carefully made the most genius gluten-free sourdough recipes, not only for the starter itself but for many varying loaves. Her new book, Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple, is out today. Let in the crisp air, brew some tea, and knead away.


Ok, this one has literally nothing to do with Fall but WOW. I was skeptical, as I always am of hyped prods, but man oh man. I'm so glad I snagged these in LA at Wine and Eggs before they sold out. This is the best tinned fish I have EVER had. The caramelization! The tender, perfectly smoked tuna! Unreal, brava. Can't wait to get my fins on their smoked salmon next.

Wishing you all the sweetest sweater weather.

Until next time,

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