I came across Internet Cookies through my friend Kerrilynn Pamer, founder of CAP Beauty, who is always on the cutting edge of wellness treats. Internet Cookies is Gaia Acree, a baking wizard living in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico. She makes monthly batches of truly magical cookies, with flavors like Pistachio Matcha Marzipan, Double Chocolate with Licorice Salt, and my personal favorite: Strawberries and Cream. The cookies are available by subscription, and arrive at your door monthly. We also had the honor of collaborating on a launch cookie: Chocolate Marzipan infused with our Mushroom Magic tincture. Follow the flowers to get to know this Flower Child better...

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Gaia, I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’m a baker and owner of a little company called Internet Cookies.

What’s your earliest plant memory?

My mom handing me my grandmothers scissors to go outside and get some chives from the backyard. Ever since then chives have had a special place in my heart. 
Planting potatoes with my mom and dad. Picking wild blueberries with her and my sisters. 

Are plants involved in your current work? If so, in what way?

Yes, I try to incorporate seasonal ingredients into my work. Sometimes that’s possible, sometimes not but It’s important for me that I try.

Do plants speak to you and how can you tell?

For me, what they do is give me happiness and joy. And that’s how I know they impact my life and in a way, speak to me. 

What’s your favorite plant?


What’s your favorite natural therapy, whether that be plant medicine, acupuncture, or something else?

Swimming in the ocean or a lake, river. Being in water is extremely therapeutic for me. 

What’s your favorite Wooden Spoon Herbs remedy? How has it helped you follow the plant path?

I take a dropper full or two of Mushroom Magic every morning and I feel like it balances my mood throughout the day. Sometimes sticking to something can be hard but once you feel the benefits it’s easy to see the results and follow the plant path. 
Follow Internet Cookies on IG @internetcookie or sign up for cookie delivery at www.internetcookiesubscription.com


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