Patrick and I met in NYC, at a trade show curation by CAP Beauty. We bonded in the DM's, cracking jokes and leaving voice memos. Patrick is the perfumer behind Sigil Scent, an all-natural fragrance company, where he blends handmade tinctures, with all manner of plant spirits to come up with scents that lift you out of the 3D experience. Truly transcendental. Follow the flowers to get to know this flower child a bit better...

Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Patrick, founder and perfumer at Sigil—a gender-neutral, natural fine fragrance brand.

What’s your earliest plant memory?

Tending to roses in my grandmother’s garden.

 Is nature involved in your current work? If so, in what way?

Absolutely. I have the honor to work with plant extracts—including tinctures, CO2 extracts, absolutes, and essential oils—in our formulary day to day at Sigil. (Ed. note: '

 Do plants speak to you and how can you tell?

I’m at a point now where I can imagine and draft compositions for fragrances in my own interior world. A bit of diligent notetaking and some comprehensive creative briefs help keep that studio in my brain on track.

What’s your favorite plant?

Cistus/rockrose, for its incomparable, leathery-animalic quality. Or bitter orange tree, for its versatility. From this tree, we can produce petitgrain with or without flowers, expressed orange oil, distilled orange oil, neroli (steam distilled orange blossom), orange blossom absolute, and a number of tinctures. 

What’s your favorite natural therapy, whether that be plant medicine, acupuncture, or something else?

Water and sunshine. Movement. Yoga, long walks. Sipping tea, slowly. Tinctures from Wooden Spoon Herbs. Flower remedies from Alexis Smart. 

What’s your favorite Wooden Spoon Herbs remedy? How has it helped you follow the plant path?

Rose Colored Glasses. I have a tendency to have a worrisome, perfectionistic stride. This tincture helps get me back into my heart—into calm, true purpose.



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