We teamed up with our pals at Pineapple Collaborative to bring you our favorite Everday Salad Dressing. The ACV delivers lots of good fermentation to your gut: boosting digestive health and supporting the gastrointestinal system. And our Elderberry Elixir promtoes immune health. Making Elderberry Elixir x The ACV a dynamid duo to help the body maintain its natural balance.

Salad: Greens of choice, sliced blood orange, sunflower seeds, finely chopped shallots, crumbled goat cheese

Dressing: 1 tsp Elderberry Elixir, 1 tsp Pineapple Collaborative ACV, 4 oz olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice

Instructions for dressing:

  1. Pour 4 oz of olive oil into a small measuring cup
  2. Add 1 tsp of Elderberry Elixir
  3. Add 1 tsp of Pineapple Collaborative ACV
  4. Squeeze lemon juice from half of a lemon into your mixture
  5. Mix and enjoy!
  6. Optional: Add your favorite WSH tincture as a last step 

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