Salve all your woes.

Find salvation in the Anywhere Salve, a remedy for the spectrum of skin woes. Use anywhere and anytime. Deliver tranquility to bug bites, scrapes, bumps, you name it. Made for the scrappy adventurer and the darling that delights in a delicious lip balm.*

Plantain offers anti-irritant effects, natural relief for sunburns, treats bug bites, and aids in the quick healing of wounds.

Calendula, a common garden plant, and marigold have antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties, making it useful in healing wounds, soothing eczema, and relieving diaper rash. 

Comfrey is a shrub that grows up to 5 feet tall. With purple, blue, and white flowers, long, slender leaves and black-skinned roots, comfrey brings skin to a state of serenity.

Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and contains antioxidants. Chamomile soothes skin irritants.

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2 oz. tin

Ingredients: Organic Plantain, Organic Comfrey, Organic Chamomile, Organic Calendula, Organic Almond oil, Organic Beeswax.

Suggested use: Massage a dab anywhere that needs nourishment.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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