Who are you and what do you do?

Nikki Bostwick, the founder of holistic wellness platform, The Fullest.

What’s your earliest plant memory?

Saffron! My mother shared the medicinal properties of the spice with me at such an early age because it is part of our culture and can be found in many Persian dishes.


Is nature involved in your current work? If so, in what way?

Nature is an integral part of what we do at the fullest. I’m guided by the belief that we are all connected, and nature is what fuels the basis of our work, which includes the content we create and the products we bring into this world. I believe when we are most connected to our natural self, to the elements and the earth, that is when we live in alignment with our highest path- living our most fulfilled life. And that is the essence of what we want to bring forward for people when they find themselves engaging with our various verticals as a business.


Do plants speak to you and how can you tell?

Yes! Everyday- I recently transformed our front yard into an edible garden and it has completely shifted the way I interact with plants and my food. I feel called towards a different vegetable or herb because I feel that is what I need at that moment. I feels so right, and it reminds me how similar we are to these incredible and forgiving plants.


What’s your favorite plant?

It’s a tough one but I have to say saffron because the more I learn about it, the more I am in awe of the miracle that nature continues to provide us. It’s the holy grail of medicinal plants (to me).


What’s your favorite natural therapy, whether that be plant medicine, acupuncture, or something else?

I am a big fan of acupuncture. I go on a bi weekly basis to reset and address anything that comes up. That is the beauty of natural therapy- it addresses the physical, emotional and mental challenges that we face because it’s all connected! Other than that I love listening to Kundalini Mantras and practicing yoga- even if I can only get in 5 minutes before I have my toddler climbing up my back.


Is there a teacher that’s guided you on the plant path?

I have always felt called to learn intuitively but I do love learning from Nutritionist David Wolfe and Living Libations founder, Nadine Artemis. 


What’s your favorite Wooden Spoon Herbs remedy? How has it helped you follow the plant path?

Daily Boost! It’s perfect for mamas- sustained energy with mama friendly plants. I love this blend!
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