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Cultivate deep resilience.

It’s true that stressful events come out of nowhere. And still, so much of our lives are scheduled. We can rely on our routines and planned disruptions to help manage the trajectory of our health. Often, bodies fall into imbalance because somewhere some system or organ is having to work extra hard to do its job. When we’re getting restful, adequate sleep, eating colorfully and abundantly, exercising, getting outside, following good boundaries around work, and spending time with people we love doing things that give us joy, not much can get us down. But when any of that stuff starts to slip, something somewhere in the body pays for it.

If we can anticipate a stressful event and get ahead of the curve with herbs that support the body’s natural defenses - the immune system - then we stand a chance of riding it out instead of getting wiped out. So check your calendar or planner wherever it lives - brain, computer, or paper - and look for any upcoming signs you need Elderberry Elixir.

7 Signs You Need Elderberry Elixir

  1. Flying on an airplane
  2. Big things at work: presentation, deadlines, a new position, a new job
  3. Hosting a party or house guests
  4. Going on vacation
  5. Planning a move or moving
  6. Attending - or throwing! - a wedding
  7. Attempting a physical feat like surf camp, a big camping trip, or a mountain biking adventure

Read on to learn how the herbs in Elderberry Elixir can help...

How Herbs can Help

Stress can actually be kind of cool, till it's not. Check out An Herbalist’s Daily Stress Support Routine to learn more about good stress vs distress. Because stress lives on a spectrum, it’s often manageable. We can help distress shift back into good stress. And remember, even events that bring us joy can put strain on our bodies. So it’s a good idea to help your body prepare for even the funnest of times.

There is not a one-size-fits-all plan for herbs. In fact, there are herbs you take before, during, and after an imbalance rocks your world. The herbs in Elderberry Elixir are formulated to help your immune system get ready for the onset of a world-rocker. These herbs are intended to be taken in the days leading up to the onset of an imbalance and through the first days it sets in. So you can use your calendar to help you plan when to start taking Elderberry Elixir, in the weeks leading up to “the event.”

Herbs work well and thoroughly in the body, but they take time. So, if you can, start taking Elderberry Elixir at least three weeks prior to your planned disruption then you’ll be thankful you started when you did. Of course, Elderberry Elixir is so delicious you can have it any time. We love it splashed in sparkling water.

How the Herbs in Elderberry Elixir Support Immune Function

Elderberry supports a balanced immune system — creating calm when overactive and striking speed when needed. Elderberry soothes the immune system, allowing the body to regain homeostasis.

Astragalus, a foundational herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a deep immune tonic and adaptogen. Earthy and sweet on the palate, astragalus is known to shield the systems of the body from outside aggressors.

Rosehips, the fruit grown from the flower of a rose, is one of the highest plant sources of vitamin C, a nutrient needed for countless bodily processes, including bolstering the immune system. These bountiful jewel-toned delights offer a sweet taste and a touch of body to this earthy syrup.


Drawing from many lineages of folk medicine, Elderberry Elixir is a daily immune tonic that everybody on earth needs, we are not exaggerating. This delicious and supportive syrup, made from raw apple cider vinegar, raw mountain honey and botanicals, may be taken as a daily ally to build deep immunity and resilience.

Don’t delay, start supporting your immune health today.


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