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It’s picnic season, baby. Our favorite thing about picnics? They usually happen outside. Second favorite thing? They’re spontaneous. But spontaneity always goes better if you’re just a little bit prepared, kind of like doing herbalism. It’s a whole lot easier to do herbalism or have a picnic if you’re already stocked with what you need to make things go smoothly, enjoyably, and deliciously. Summer is a grab and go season! So we’ve made a round-up of our favorite picnic things so you can get out there and start feasting.

1. Gear

It’s just a fact that everyone needs picnic gear. The perfect picnic basket is a cooler. And reusable bowls and napkins work great at home, while traveling, or at a picnic!

2. Blanket

The season's hottest berry is also a blanket.

3. Tunes

An impromptu dance party is a lot easier with a travel speaker.

4. Your Dish

Pick a picnic dish and make that your go-to, the item you bring to every single picnic. It’s OK to be predictable: it eliminates decision fatigue making more space for you to have fun and relax. There are accepted picnic foods for a reason: they’re shareable, transportable, and often seasonal. Here are some takes on classic dishes from cooks we love:

Sarah Kate Benjamin's Summer Rolls + Spicy Turmeric Coco Manna

Rachel Gurjar's Corn, Plum, and Farro Salad with Nuoc Cham Dressing

Lily Harris' Coconut Bars 

5. The Sun

Skincare happens inside and outside our bodies, we can't stress this enough. So don't leave home this summer without SPF or The Light Ray.

6. Iced Tea

Ice Tea travels well in water bottles, jars, and jugs. We love iced Earth Ship and Solar Flare Tea this time of year. Sweeten with sugar, honey, or maple syrup. Sweet flavors are cooling, don’t you know? If you’re feeling just a touch more ambitious, then take Rose-Colored Glasses with you to your next outdoor soiree. Pick up some grapefruit juice and sparkling water on the way to whip up a Summertime Spritz in the outdoors.

7. Snacks

A shareable epic snack board is the key to dealing with leftovers. The secrets to a successful snack board are abundance, variety, and simplicity. Which is also how we think about doing herbalism. Chances are, you already have what you need at arm’s reach: leftovers or odds and ends make great snack boards! Mix cream cheese, goat cheese, or the two together with dried herbs to make a great spread for crackers, veggies, or crusty bread. Have not quite enough Earth Ship Tea for a full mug? Mix it in with some soft cheese, season with salt and honey and voila. Instant herby spread. Don't forget your travel cheese set. You’ll also want to include some crusty bread or crackers, other spreads like hummus, olives, smoked fish, dippable farmers market produce like radishes, gem lettuce, carrots, and hakurei turnips. Here’s a tote so you can take it all with you.

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