Laura-Lee Williams, Customer Care

My favorite product at the moment is The Light Ray. It’s just so jammy and delicious. I like to drizzle a dropper or 2 over my jam & toast or add to my smoothies, or to a glass of sparkling water. Since I began incorporating this product into my daily routine, I have genuinely noticed a difference in my skin. Dewier, softer, more clear & even. A truly natural glow. I love that this product reminds me that what I do internally reflects externally.

John Hall, Fulfillment Manager

Heading into winter my favorite Wooden Spoon Herbs offering is Elderberry Elixir. I take mine daily either as a splash in my spring water or as a shot in tandem with our Fire Cider.

Leah Costa, Graphic Designer

My favorite product (right now) is definitely Rose Cocoa. I'm so into the unique taste and experience of this warm, soothing beverage. Knowing that it helps to balance my hormones is a big bonus. I've definitely noticed improved mental stability and less PMS pain. I make mine hot with raw honey and steamed oat milk, enjoying first thing in the morning or as an evening wind-down.

Tatiana Bodner, Social Media Manager

My favorite WSH product is hands down our Mushroom Cocoa. It’s basically a healthy hot chocolate. I love mine with warm, frothed oat milk and topped with cinnamon. It’s the perfect beverage to wind down with after a long day.

Lauren Haynes, Founder & CEO

My favorite Wooden Spoon product is our Herbal Coffee. As a caffeine weeny, I really try to avoid coffee at all costs. But man do I miss that roasty flavor. Enter our Herbal Coffee... All of the taste, none of the jitters. I prepare mine hot with a splash of coconut cream, but it's great cold brewed too.

Chelsie Kern, Marketing Director

My anxiety levels ebb and flow in tandem with external pressures and not so friendly internal dialogue, like most of us. When I’m feeling especially not at ease with myself, I turn to Anxiety Ally as an acute remedy to support a calmer me. It’s the perfect herbal addition to my regimen that when paired with exercise, really helps to balance my nervous system and deal with the inevitable stresses of daily life.


I get hot spots, because I'm a bulldog and have all sorts of allergies. I'm a sensitive gal! My mom uses Anywhere Salve when my skin is "having a moment" to help soothe my sores. Sometime she even uses it on my pads after I get a pedicure.

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