Less is More, Balance is Better

We are emerging from the season of abundance and communing. We reaped the harvest and enjoyed its spoils. Hooray! This is also commonly known as the season of simultaneous indulgence and deprivation: not getting enough sleep, bouncing from social commitment to social commitment, and discovering - at this year’s work holiday party no less - that you have new food sensitivities. Hooray? Good news is: rest is around the corner. We are entering the time of year where both seasonally and societally we are permitted to rest and recuperate: to attend to the necessary task of caring for ourselves and each other so that we enter the warm season refreshed, rejuvenated, and more connected. A resolution is, quite simply, a firm commitment to do or not do something. That’s it. This New Year can be about setting and committing to boundaries, ones perhaps in which we are permitted to do less - except when it comes to drinking water of course - so that we have the resource and health to sustain balance and harmony in our lives and the lives of others. Here we share four of our favorite formulas for this time of year: tinctures, powders, and teas that help to support us as we rest, recover, and endeavor in our commitments for the year.

Get Back on Track with Sweet Dreams

Not much is getting done without a good night’s sleep. Definitely not any kind of deep internal systemic balancing. Good news: there are Sweet Dreams in your future. This formula is designed to support you through occasional sleeplessness. When we’ve been over-indulging or over-imbibing our bodies end up doing a lot of work while we sleep, making nights more like work than rest. Sleep becomes super important once we cut back on sugar, alcohol, or foods high in fat but it can be hard to find our sleep rhythm again. Sweet Dreams is made of Valerian Root, Skullcap, and Passionflower which help you turn your mind off and gently rock you to sleep where they can then do the work of nourishing your nervous system. Plus, this formula is alcohol-free making it appropriate for those of us who already live that tea-totaler life or for the ones exploring dry January.

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Stay Sharp with Quick Wits

New commitments can be demanding! They might require a new skill set, managing a different kind of schedule, or firm resolve in the face of peer pressure. So keep your mind sharp and ready with Quick Wits. This formula promotes memory recall and cognitive function through Ginkgo, Rosemary, and Lion’s Mane. These plants are traditionally used to promote a sense of calm while enhancing focus and concentration. They feed your nervous system, gently stimulate circulation to your brain, and offer a beneficial side effect: an improved sense of well-being. When your brain gets bogged down, or your thinking feels cloudy, reach for this tincture. It’s also great support as you use the energy of the New Year to explore new hobbies, areas of learning, or deepen your creative practice.

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Beat the winter blues with Mushroom Cocoa

If you’re entering the dead of winter with trepidation you’re not alone. Many of us are bracing for the winter blues: feelings ranging from down in the dumps to “will this ever end”? A sweet treat is just what you need. Mushroom Cocoa is multi-system support for the darkest time of year. A groovy mix of 6 medicinal mushrooms - yes, six! - combined with the warming quality of mesquite and the uplifting energy of vanilla. These fungal friends are thoroughly extracted so you’re getting the most of Organic Reishi, Organic Lion’s mane, and Organic Cordyceps to name a few. This formula supports the senses and the mind, the immune and nervous systems, plus nourishes and supports the digestive system. Basically: it feeds all the pathways that help you take care of yourself and regulate your mood. Plus having something to look forward to everyday can put a little pep in your step. So put a cup of Mushroom Cocoa in your calendar every day, put your face to the sun, and know that plants have your back and wont’ demand anything more of you as you work to just make it through this season.

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Ground Down with Earth Ship Tea

In the last few days of the year we may feel like we're floating away. As the the year comes to a close we feel pressure to make good on resolutions past, it can feel tough to stay present. But we’re here...now. Not in the past and not yet in the future, it is actually the perfect place to be. All we need is a little reminder and invitation to ground ourselves in the present. Earth Ship Tea is a one stop sip back to yourself. Organic Holy Basil, Organic Nettle, and Organic Skullcap nourish and support the nervous system, calm an overactive mind , and offer system wide soothing. Gently invigorating in the morning, stabilizing in the afternoon, or calming in the evening it is the ride that takes you deeper into balance and well-being any time of day. A tea practice can be an especially fortifying ritual when shedding old habits or embracing new ones. The routine offers a tasty opportunity to check-in and make adjustments - do less, for example - where necessary.

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