What is Quick Wits?

Supporting cognitive health is all about looking ahead. So, as we approach the transition from summer to fall what better time to think about supporting clear thinking, memory recall, and cognitive function? If we can prepare for the onset of a stressful circumstance like moving, changing jobs, aging, and other big life transitions we can set our minds and bodies to navigate that particular set of stress. Many of the herbs in this formula are what herbalists call nootropics: health-giving substances - in our case, plants - that help support focus, concentration, and memory recall plus offer strengthen bodily systems against cognitive decline. This botanical blend can be taken to offer support when brain fog and cloudy thinking set in and also over time to strengthen your central nervous and circulatory systems to promote and protect cognitive function. Revive your mind to get back to clear thinking.

How Does it Help?

  • Supports mental clarity 
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Promotes a sense of calm
  • Enhances focus and concentration


What’s In It?

Organic Ginkgo is a traditional herb in Chinese Medicine, and a very old remedy - its ancestors have been around since dinosaur times -that helps to relax tension, promote cerebral circulation. It warms and protects pathways that support the nervous system, helping to calm in times of stress and shake off the irritability that accompanies cloudy thinking and brain fog. 

Organic Gotu Kola leaf is a traditional Rasayana in Ayurveda, a rejuvantive, gentle remedy that is safe to work with over time. Gotu Kola springs into action when you’re feeling mentally exhausted and your memory is impacted. It’s hard to think -and feel chill -when you’re so tired! Over time Gotu Kola enhances cognitive function and calms the stress of forgetting. 

Organic Holy basil is a mild adaptogen for fatigue. It may increase cerebral circulation - get that blood to the brain - helping to move along manifestations of being stuck like brain fog, a bad mood, and even digestive upset like gas and bloating. Improved cognition relies on many systems in your body working together to support the nervous system. 

Organic Rosemary herb may be a common garden and pantry staple, but it’s also a powerful healing plant! Rosemary’s spicy taste and pungent aroma stimulates blood flow to the brain. Recall Ophelia in Hamlet as he looks upon her flowers, “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembering.”

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