Traveler's Kit

Traveler's Kit


You’re on the move. We get it! Sometimes though, being away from our creature comforts can throw us for a loop. This Traveler’s Kit has every plant remedy you should need to keep your trip sailing smoothly.


  • Immune Zoom - Travelling is no doubt the best way to collect germs. This tincture will help pep up your immune system to send bad guys packing.

  • Dandelion Bitters - No matter how great your diet is at home, travelling will always ensure that you eat outside the box. Keep this by your side to prevent indigestion and gas.

  • Valerian Tincture - This sweet remedy ensures a night of equally sweet dreams. Use it if you’re having trouble catching Z’s.

  • Stress Ease Powder - Give your foods and beverages a little sprinkle of this adaptogen powder to help fight off the ill effects of stress. Travelling is always stressful, no matter how rewarding that stress may be, and these herbs can help chill you out.

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