Pregnancy Kit

Pregnancy Kit


In your Pregnancy Kit you’ll find an array of herbalist-curated goods to help you embrace and indulge during this exciting and exhausting time. Let the plants help support and heal you as you get to know your new baby.


  • Susun Weed’s The Childbearing Year - A fantastic read for all women, by a fantastic woman.

  • Morning Glory Glycerite - To ease morning sickness and indigestion. Can also be used postpartum to increase breastmilk flow.

  • Sacred Feminine Tea - A nourishing tonic tea to help alkalize, tone and rejuvenate.

  • All Purpose Soothing Cream - A luscious cream infused with herbs to help heal it all - from chapped, sore nipples to diaper rash to stretch marks.

  • Lavender Calming Spray - An aromatherapy spray filled with flower essence to help calm and ground you.

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