Single Herb Tinctures

Single Herb Tinctures


Hand-harvested Appalachian herbal extracts.

  • Burdock root: nourishes the liver. supports detoxification. grounding.
  • Blue Vervain: dissolves tension. promotes lactation. eases digestion. a woman's herb. to be taken in 1-5 drop doses.
  • Dandelion: liver tonic. gentle diuretic. digestive aid. calming.
  • Echinacea: increases immune activity. anti-infective.
  • Elderflower: immune tonic. helps break fevers. delicious culinarily.
  • Ginger: alcohol-free glycerite. soothing. eases nausea, indigestion, and morning sickness.
  • Goldenrod: tones mucous membranes, eases allergies, UTIs, indigestion.
  • Hawthorn: a tonic for the heart. blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, grief.
  • Honeysuckle: anti-microbial. antioxidant. great anti-inflammatory.
  • Lemon Balm: mood lifter. calming. anti-viral. soothes UTIs and cold sores.
  • Mimosa: cheers the spirit. anti-depressive. helps with grief. calls in softness.
  • Motherwort: eases tension. a calming nervine. digestive aid. a great women's herb.
  • Partridgeberry: menstrual cramps. helps prepare the body for birth. hot flashes. a urinary tract tonic.
  • Passionflower: calms anxiety. eases insomnia. anti-spasmodic.
  • Peach Leaf: alcohol-free. eases morning sickness and nausea. digestive aid.
  • Red Root: soothes sore throats. a great lymph mover. expectorant. calming.
  • Rose: alcohol-free. astringent. calls in the feminine. delicious in beverages.
  • Skullcap: calming. eases muscular tension. headaches. nerve tonic.
  • Solomon's Seal: promotes bone and joint health. eases aches and pains. tonic.
  • St. John's Wort: lifts mood. eases seasonal depression. highly anti-viral. heals wounds. eases deep nerve pain.
  • Turmeric: anti-inflammatory. antioxidant. eases aches and pains when used consistently.
  • Valerian: sedative. great for insomnia. eases pain. anti-spasmodic. eases menstrual cramps.
  • Violet: lymphatic. great for dissolving lumps and bumps. eases coughs.
  • Vitex: eases menstrual cramps. a great hormone balancer. women's herb.
  • Wild Yam: women's herb. moves blood. phyto-estrogenic. eases cramping.
  • Yarrow: boosts immune activity. wound healer. stops bleeding quickly.

Single herb tinctures, also known as "simples," are a great way to form intimate relationships with individual plants, and to learn how they work and what your preferences may be. The blurbs above are in no way exhaustive. I highly recommend that you do further research, and mabe even find a way to meet the plants in their natural habitats. Do bear in mind that I am not a doctor, my word is not final, and that this information is for educational purposes only. Plants are strong medicine and need to be approached with respect and caution. 

Some plants can be used for acute situations, while others are known as "tonics." What this means is that you use this herb daily over a period of a few weeks or even months before you feel it at work in your life.

We hope this guide helps you meet new plants and find the ones that work best for you!

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